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2 Channel Diver Comms Set

2 Diver Communications set

The SAT Systems two channel diver communications set is compact, portable and robust by design and is powered by a internal sealed 12V lead acid battery.

This unit can be used for simplex communications; each diver is connected to the communication set using a single twisted screened pair cable.

The set is in listen mode until the supervisor uses the Press To Talk (PTT) switch on the front panel to communicate with one or both the divers.

Optional items in this mode are a fist microphone with PTT switch or a headset with PTT switch.

The PTT switch is not used in this mode and  the communications are permanently open. The supervisor can talk to the divers and they can talk to each other.

Separate send and receive volume controls are fitted, neither volume control can be turned totally “off”. A recording outlet allows the conversation to be recorded, as required.

Technical Specifications

Size: 270mm wide x 240mm high x 120mm deep

Weight: 4 kg including batteries

Power output: 3.5 Watts continuous into 8 Ω 10W peak

Power supply: 12 Volts internal sealed lead acid battery or external 12VDC

Battery life: 12 hours with 10% talk time

Input: Balanced transformer isolated suitable for most dynamic microphones up to 200 Ω impedance.

Output: Suitable for dynamic earphones from 2 to 200 Ω

Standard accessories: Charger

Optional accessories: Headset with boom microphone and PTT switch.


Our Diver Communication sets are designed to be used by the commercial diving industry, professional divers, the armed forces and local authorities such as the police and coast guards

Our standard model provides a master unit and the ability to monitor and communicate with two divers simultaneously. We manufacture units which are able to communicate with up to three divers simultaneously.

Our Diver Communication sets can be used to meet most portable wired air diver communications needs.

Our Diver Communications sets are assembled in our own workshops, these units are designed to be robust, portable and suitable for both continued and extended use in critical conditions where reliability is paramount.

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Spares / Servicing

Our Diver Communication sets are all hand assembled in our own workshop, these units are designed for continuous and extended usage.

We offer a Return to Base facility for in-house servicing and repairs of all our units.

Spares are also available on request.

Existing clients please login to our Helpdesk to arrange the return of your existing unit for servicing or repair. If you have not yet used our new Helpdesk please register here to gain access. – Thank you

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